I feel that today we are all so disconnected from each other, but more importantly–from ourselves. I hope that in my work people will feel something. Anything. And they may not even realize my work has affected them until they’re sitting in traffic or having a conversation with a friend or walking their dog. But I hope maybe my work will spark a memory for them, or a “good” feeling or a “bad” feeling…anything at all. If we can reconnect with ourselves in a way that we listen to what’s happening in our own heads we learn to trust…ourselves first and each other second.

If my work can help people feel something and then that really is everything, because that’s where the human condition starts.

I have lived on the west coast and on the east coast and everywhere in between and began cross-country traveling and camping with my family at a very young age; I was a natural traveler by age 5. I think because of that I am very connected with my environment and the natural world, and also because of that I am lucky to have an encyclopedia of images to draw from in my head.

I am definitely heavily influenced by nature, but I am also influenced by music, counter culture, other artists, and the basic human condition.

Please contact me at: carolfarnumart {at} gmail {dot} com

Find me on Instagram where I share work in process and my pretty mundane studio life: www.instagram.com/carolfarnumart